the smell of rain before it falls.
the taste of your lips every morning.
the way you caress my back while my head is in that perfect spot on your chest.
feeling the smile in our kiss.
your tongue spreading my lips.
exchanging moans and whimpers like they’re secrets.
beautiful nothings.

asleep again. you look so peaceful.
i love when you can’t feel me watching you. you have no chance to tense up, or wonder why i can’t take my eyes off of you.
i just get to sit and stare, and smile.
it’s because you’re mine.

when you’re asleep you roll so close to me that our skin rubs together. we lie there, breathing in synchronicity, my chest going up as yours goes down. the warmth from your touch sparks a heat wave beneath my skin. i want to fold myself inside of you, breathe you in and out until we are one. you are so soft in your sleep. your dreams may be frightening but the look on your face is serene. if i were an artist, i’d spend every day attempting to paint you. capture you. show you how incredible i think you are.